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Unified Lyn Staking

Receive up to 5% per month when you stake Lynchpin Tokens.

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LYN – the currency you should stake!

  • unilynstaking

    Receive up to 5% rewards per month & be part of an evolving ecosystem.

  • unilynstaking

    Deposit USDT to the smart contract and get LYN tokens.

  • unilynstaking

    Rewards will be on a monthly basis for staking them there.

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  • unilynstaking

    Simply, the easiest way to grow your LYN balance.

  • unilynstaking

    Smart Contract will be locking the tokens for 1 year.

  • unilynstaking

    Rewards are available to be withdrawn monthly!

Lynchpin is always looking for ways to provide a win-win platform for users, business owners and token holders.

This website is solely for staking. So, what is staking?

Traditionally, staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network and, in return, holders are rewarded for their contribution. This can be compared to earning interest in a traditional bank.

However, in our case, users stake to support the eco-system which will take out part of their revenue to make the crypto-back system successful. On this site, “stakers” will be earning rewards of up to 5% per month. Rewards will be in the form of Lynchpin Token.

We are providing smart contracts where
Lynchpin Tokens will be staked and locked for 1 year.

Security is the utmost priority for Uni Lyn Staking.

Metamask wallets are needed to keep your account safe and secure.

UNI LYN Staking Program

Crypto enthusiasts that are looking for a sustainable holding opportunity

Hedgers and speculators, who want to diversify their portfolio

Traders, who want to enter the quickest-growing market in the world

Individuals who want to discover the space of crypto, with a simple & secure solution

LYN followers, who want to discover our ecosystem further